Account Based Content

Content Specialists: your messaging sales engineer

You wouldn’t show up to a prospect meeting with a generic demo, would you? Content Specialists are your messaging sales engineers creating customized content for your accounts and contacts. We make account based marketing a reality to help you close deals faster!

Account-Based Content Closes the Gap.

  1. Sales is a much larger workforce than Marketing.
  2. Many new Sales reps cannot effectively + confidently tailor their messaging for different decision-makers within target accounts.
  3. Marketing cannot create the specific tailored content that Sales requires quickly enough, due to the disparity in scale.
  4. Your ABM plays are ineffective.
  5. Fewer deals close, and both Marketing and Sales fall short of their quotas.
  1. We provide Content Specialists and SMEs as a resource to support individual Sales teams.
  2. Our Account-Based Marketing experts are highly-skilled in creating, tailoring, and re-purposing high-quality Account-Based Content for different decision-makers.
  3. We create content quickly based on the specific requirements and orders of each Sales team.
  4. You get high-quality, specific, scalable content creation, designed with ABM plays in mind.
  5. More deals close, and both Marketing and Sales deserve big bonuses.

High-Quality Account-Based Content Made Scalable

  • High-octane fuel to keep your ABM engine fed, with limitless scale.
  • Connect with your targets more frequently and effectively, growing awareness.
  • Offer a better customer experience with content tailored for each unique stakeholder.
  • Use content to position yourself as a trusted industry thought leader.
  • Eliminate the burden of content creation.

Tailored Specificity for Your ABM Plays

  • Content expertly tailored for the specific, on-the-ground needs of your Sales teams.
  • Win greater buy-in from key stakeholders at all levels of your target accounts.
  • Equip your Sales teams with the compelling content they need to close more deals.
  • Micro-level precision at a macro scale, so you win more.

Zero-Waste Marketing Costs

  • Target only your ideal accounts and those most likely to close with Account-Based Marketing.
  • Easily identify cross-selling and up-selling opportunities within target and existing accounts.
  • Expert curation of your existing content, for cost-effective re-purposing and deployment.
  • Dramatically greater ROI for significantly less money.

Sales + Marketing Alignment

  • Sales gets their own responsive, on-demand content creation capabilities.
  • Marketing gets Sales reps much better equipped to convert their leads.
  • Sales closes more deals and generates more revenue.
  • Marketing enjoys greater revenue attribution.
  • Real alignment with positive outcomes for everyone.