What is Campaign Optimization?

Marketing is an inexact science – so we take some of the guesswork out of creating a campaign that performs by defining what performance actually is. Our process is simple-we produce two unique campaigns (A & B). Each campaign is delivered to a small sample of your target audience. We measure the results: things like click-thru rate, open-rate, downloads, etc. We process these results and determine which campaign is the top performer. This top performing campaign, then, is sent to your entire audience – ensuring success, and a measurable return on your investment.

Guess Less: Campaign Optimization

effective rate

How can I staff my project with awesome talent?

Campaign Stars offers you the flexibility to run your campaign any way you like:

  • Source top talent from our talent pool
  • Leverage your existing talent pool by having them quickly register on our platform (privately to your account)
  • Leverage your existing agency by having them quickly register on our platform (privately to your account)
  • Mix and match from the above

The goal is to get you a stream of optimized content and campaigns that perform.

How does Campaign Stars vet their talent?

We have a fully transparent vetting process. It’s not easy. Only one in four creative professionals who apply are accepted. Here’s what we do:

  • On-line assessments (interested to see if you’ve got what it takes to be one of our stars, feel free to check out our assessment <here>.

Phone based interview to assess “softer skills” and fit


What’s your process for content creation?

In a nutshell – you submit a creative brief. We assess your needs and assign the creative teams. You then have a briefing meeting with your Client Services Director. Your teams produce a draft for your review and a final copy that you approve. At your option, our technical ninjas can then code and load the assets into your marketing automation system. The campaigns are then sent to a test percentage of your target list leveraging your existing marketing automation solution and we track the resulting statistics. The top-performing campaign is now ready to be distributed to your database.

How can you help me get campaigns executed more quickly?

Campaign Stars Collaborative Workflow Engine helps you get the most from you creative talent, dramatically reducing content development cycles so you can deliver more content for campaigns. How?

  • Customizable workflow so you can keep projects on track and discover where slow-downs occur in the process.


  • Content widgets that you can customize for any content need, ensures your creative team clearly understands what needs to be produced.

content components

  • Collaborative messaging drives instant team communication across each of your campaigns and sub teams.



How can you help me expand my target list of contacts or enhance my existing one?

Within our platform, we bring together the two essential components of a great campaign, non-stop optimized content with unparalleled access to over 25M contacts. As you create your campaign in Campaign Stars, you have the option of accessing contacts by account, vertical, company size, geography and a dozen other criteria. Then hit “go” and download a CSV file with your new list of prospects. If you have an existing data set and you want to augment what you know about these contacts with information like phone number, SIC code, etc, just upload your file and we’ll enrich it—that simple!

Campaign Stars

How do you connect to my existing infrastructure?

A campaign is only a campaign if it can be delivered to your target, right? Content assets produced in Campaign Stars come “Ready-to-Launch”in a marketer’s existing automation infrastructure with associated landing pages, HTML templates and scripts.   We then integrate resulting analytics back into our analytics engine directly from your systems. Here are systems we support:

Marketing Automation

Don’t see your system listed? Contact us to talk! <need link to contact us form>


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