The Challenge

The Coit Group, an industry-leading recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) firm headquartered in San Francisco, was at an enviable crossroads. Their business had thrived for years on client referrals, the quality of their work doing most of the marketing for them. Now, good fortune and hard work meant the time had come to shift gears and aggressively expand.

But Coit lacked the resources to undertake an all-fronts content marketing campaign, and they had another major roadblock: their data. A legacy database of over twenty thousand contacts was of little to no use, with most entries lacking job titles, companies, and other crucial information. Coit had everything in place for rapid expansion, but instead they’d reached a bottleneck. They needed help.

The Solution

Campaign Stars met with Coit to quickly and efficiently learn their brand’s unique voice and insight. Collaborating across their easy-to-use proprietary platform, Campaign Stars worked with Coit to determine a campaign of creative assets that would have the greatest impact on their leads and pipelines. Campaign Stars created email blasts, case studies, eBooks, blogs, and more to establish Coit as a thought leader in the RPO space and develop a clear and distinct market voice.

Coit reaped the rewards of their Campaign Stars’ subscription that ships with the power of sales intelligence intelligence leader InsideView, providing access to the industry’s largest network of organizational contacts, connections, and insights. Campaign Stars and InsideView built Coit a fully segmented list of highly granular contacts, enabling Coit to roll out a fully-fledged account-based marketing campaign, and allowing Campaign Stars to create highly targeted content for multiple different personas, such as HR directors, VPs of sales, and heads of Finance.

The Results

Coit got instant access to over 7,000 highly relevant, highly segmented organizational contacts within their search parameters, complete with job titles, contact information, and network connections. Suddenly, they knew exactly who they were marketing to. Campaign Stars’ Content as a Service model gave Coit turn-key content creation, unlocking a constant cascade of high-octane, laser focused conversations with their buyers. By plugging into Campaign Stars’ services, Coit flipped the switch that kicked their growth into overdrive.

The results speak for themselves, but we’ll give them a hand: Campaign Stars ramped up Coit’s campaign velocity an incredible 300%, helping them to create and deploy more campaigns in Q1 than they had the entire previous year. Coit saw a 400% increase in qualified sales leads into their pipelines, and an 80% jump in conversation rates.

Client Profile: Coit is an industry leader in recruitment process outsourcing, equipping companies with the very best talent and presenting candidates with top opportunities.

Client Challenge:

  • Need for better, more accurate market data
  • Need for quality content
  • Not enough resources


  • 400% increase in qualified sales leads
  • 300% increase in campaign velocity
  • 7,000 targeted prospects


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