Take Your Marketing Campaigns to New Heights with InsideView and Campaign Stars

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“Give me six hours to chop down a tree, and I will spend the first four sharpening my axe.” When Abraham Lincoln uttered these immortal words, he wasn’t speaking about content marketing, but he may as well have been. The best, most creative and dynamic content in the world is no more useful than a shotgun in a sharpshooting contest without first properly targeting and understanding your audience.

It was that exact thinking that led Campaign Stars to pursue a partnership with InsideView, which we’ve officially announced today.“With over 25 million contacts, the most responsive and current insights, and a dazzlingly comprehensive web of connections and prospects, InsideView was the clear partner to help us enable even the sharpest of marketers to better understand their audience and target smarter,” said Henry Bruckstein, CEO at Campaign Stars. “It’s laser focus, on a massive scale.”


So why Campaign Stars and InsideView? The combination of improved segmentation coupled with optimized content drives a 44-84% increase in response rates, according to the Direct Marketing Association. Think of Campaign Stars as the high octane fuel for your InsideView data engine.

Segment More Guess Less

Let’s take a moment to dig into how Campaign Stars is innovating the way we tackle marketing campaign creation and management today. Campaign Stars operates on a Content as a Service (CaaS) model, providing you with an uninterrupted cascade of top-quality content so you can reach your buyer and get above the noise. Using your creative teams or their expert campaign developers, aka “stars”, content is turn-key—written, designed and coded into your marketing automation system.

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Not only that, but Campaign Stars employs a process known as campaign optimization which assigns two different creative teams for development. Each team will create a unique content strategy for your campaign, and then each strategy is tested against a sample of your target buyers. Whichever campaign performs better against dozens of key-performance indicators is the campaign that is rolled out to your larger target audience. After all, knowledge is power!

The result is a continuing journey of content that guides your prospects along each step of the buying process, from their initial research, to their decision to buy, and beyond to renewals, subscriptions, and more. You get a team of creative professionals on-demand, articulating and executing your brand’s vision and allowing you to focus your resources, efforts, and attention elsewhere.

The real magic happens when you combine Campaign Stars with InsideView. Now you not only have access to more data and contacts than you ever thought possible, but you can actually use those contacts via an unending, continuous stream of content delivered right to your customers. Our partnership helps maximize your data investment.

InsideView gives you someone to talk to. Campaign Stars gives you something to say.

Our tag-team model has worked wonders for recruitment process outsourcing firm Coit Group, based in San Francisco. Coit accelerated its rapid growth by increasing its marketing database with 7,000 highly targeted prospects and tripling the number of campaigns executed. This drove a 2.5X increase in pipeline in the first quarter while increasing response rates by 48%

“We never considered buying sales intelligence data on a regular basis, as we lacked the messaging machine to effectively use it,” Coit CEO Joe Belluomini said. “We’re now running far more campaigns than we ever thought possible, and we’re constantly purchasing new data because we’re using it all. Everybody wins, especially us.”

Indeed, combining the clinical segmentation of InsideView data with the always-on connection of Campaign Stars’ Content-as-a-Service model has led to increased response rates of 44-84% across the board. That means more leads, more sales, and more revenue – all easier and faster than ever before.

That’s called sharpening the axe.

Want to hear more? Download the Coit case study.


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