How DiscoverOrg Generated Qualified Leads while collecting Valuable Data


DiscoverOrg, the industry-leading sales and marketing intelligence data solution, had several important questions that needed one big answer: how can we use an account-based marketing strategy to better optimize our campaigns and improve alignment with our sales team, while doing it quickly and affordably? With thousands of prospects to qualify and in search of a way to accelerate its sales cycle, DiscoverOrg didn’t just need a home run; it wanted a grand slam. That’s when Campaign Stars stepped up to bat.

Campaign Stars met with key stakeholders at all levels of DiscoverOrg to learn their specific brand insight, vision, and voice, then hit the ground running to generate fast results. Campaign Stars dove right in, creating a marketing trends survey targeted at 2000 of DiscoverOrg’s A-level prospects, generating dozens of responses within 24 hours and hundreds of valuable data points in the process. The survey also allowed DiscoverOrg to glean priceless insight into the needs and challenges of multiple contact points within each organization, perfectly equipping their sales team to proceed with the account-based strategy they wished.

The immediate and profound success DiscoverOrg enjoyed is hard to overstate. Within the first week, Campaign Stars had generated 65 sales-qualified leads (SQLs), with potent and relevant organizational information about each. To date, the survey has led to over $1 million in pipeline-projected sales. Further, an entire fiscal quarter worth of content based on the survey responses they received is set to launch, including an eBook, a trends report, several blog posts, and webinar to fuel DiscoverOrg’s account-based marketing strategy.

Client Profile

DiscoverOrg is the industry-leader in world-class sales intelligence tools that enable sales, marketing, and staffing professionals to identify the right prospects, establish context for the right message, and make contact at the right time.

Client Challenge

  • Enhance alignment between sales and marketing
  • Accelerate sales cycle
  • Improve lead quality
  • Rapidly develop account-based marketing content


  • Generated 65 highly-qualified leads
  • Created $1 million in projected revenue
  • Gathered 800+ relevant data points about top leads


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