How to drive immediate lead flow and a quarter’s worth of content


On average, your prospect receives over 3 invitations per day to attend webinars, download case studies or read the latest white paper. How do you cut through all this noise? Over 70% of B2B marketers self-report that they don’t have a great answer. How’d we know that? We asked them! That’s the beauty of survey based lead generation. Polling your prospects to learn more about them fuels both immediate lead flow and hyper relevant content.

This is not about a campaign, it’s a dialogue

You might have read our last blog, How to Enable Continuous Customer Engagement, where we discussed that today’s marketer’s opportunity is to create an ongoing dialogue with their prospects and customers. Great, so how do you create content that is engaging to fuel this dialogue? How do you fuel your sales funnel now?

Survey Based Lead Generation

Brands like DiscoverOrg leverage Survey Based Lead Generation programs to:

  • Overcome the hardest part of the sales process: making initial contact
  • Open doors and begin the dialogue with their prospects
  • Develop a “needs profile” for their target accounts.
  • Create a foundation for tailoring their pitch and outbound messaging for quarters to come.

The results are immediate:

  • Survey respondents are, by definition, qualified leads as they were handpicked to participate and provide the information that you wanted to capture.
  • This is ABM in action: sales and marketing aligned on a target set of accounts to build profiles, nurture and engage.

36% more compelling content for quarters to come

Peer based research drives a 36% higher engagement rate vs “traditional” conent. Why? Consider your personal interest level in reading a whitepaper or attending a webinar that features incites from people just like you—hard to resist learning more about your industry, role and related opportunities.

  • The resulting survey data is owned by you and only you. You now have a unique perspective on the industry to share with your prospects and customers.
  • Consider all of the campaign possibilities: social teasers, webinars, infographics, eBooks and in-person thought leadership spots.
  • Influencers (bloggers, analysts and industry lumineries) crave original source content and perspectives to share with their followers. Guess what, your survey data is just what they are looking for.

We invite you to learn more and hear how DiscoverOrg drives immediate lead flow and highly engaging content via survey based programs:

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Date: December 13, 2016 at 10 am PST


Hear from Katie Bullard, Chief Marketing Officer at DiscoverOrg (, on how DiscoverOrg has developed a lead generation strategy that has led to 5,000% revenue growth in less than 5 years.  In just one highly targeted ABM campaign, her team generated 50+ targeted B2B leads and a quarter’s worth of content in less than two weeks. Join us for this case study to learn how Katie uses highly segmented account profiles to fuel a comprehensive program that builds lead profiles on targeted accounts, drives qualified leads for sales, and provides proprietary industry insights to drive their campaigns

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