Webinar: Inside DiscoverOrg’s Growth Acceleration Strategy


It’s amazing the things we can accomplish when we work together.

That’s why Campaign Stars partnered with Salesforce Pardot to host a webinar outlining the specific techniques and methods we used to quickly and practically implement a turn-key account-based marketing (ABM) strategy for our client DiscoverOrg, the leader in market intelligence data and one of the fastest growing companies with a staggering 5,000% revenue growth in less than 5 years.

Together, we shared some of the insights we’ve gained from actual experiences creating, executing, and reaping the rewards of effective, targeted ABM campaigns. Here’s how we created a turn-key ABM campaign for DiscoverOrg, plus a full quarter’s worth of content, in just two weeks, thanks to good data, good messaging, and good content working together.

Survey-Based Lead Generation

The most difficult part of the sales process is making initial contact. To open doors at prospect accounts and begin the dialogue with key stakeholders and decision-makers, we invited targeted marketing directors and CMOs to participate in this survey via our wholly owned research arm. Leveraging our data repository, we pulled a highly targeted list of these contacts based on specific segmentation criteria. We now had the first part of an impactful ABM campaign place: the right targets!

To optimize engagement, we fully managed an incentive program that offered respondents a small gift in exchange for their participation. Well, it turns out people love to share their knowledge and a little gift goes a long way! Folks responded in droves sharing priceless prospecting information about their pain points, their needs, their budget, their priorities, and their corporate plans, not to mention their up-to-date contact information.

DiscoverOrg had struck a gold mine.

Profile based engagement

With this unprecedented wealth of information at their disposal, we then created a series of highly-targeted prospecting scripts (email and phone), designed to speak specifically to the pain points we already knew existed for each contact based upon their responses. This led to a 300% improvement in response rates and appointments set as conversations where now couched in a prospect’s business needs vs generic messaging.

Your Proprietary Research Drives Campaigns That Resonate

But that’s just the beginning! Since we now had a significant quantity of what was the newest, most recent industry research available, we created dynamic, powerful content from it – a full quarter’s worth, in fact – and shared it with the rest of the industry! We designed and deployed eBooks, case studies, social media copy, and more sharing our information – information that was already driving 300% better engagement by itself. This is the second part of a successful ABM campaign: highly relevant content.

The Results

The results? Well, they’re a doozy.

In just two weeks, DiscoverOrg added 65 new marketing-qualified leads to its pipeline. Eight of those were immediately escalated to Stage 2+ opportunities, representing over a million dollars in potential revenue.

Plus, DiscoverOrg got a full quarter of its marketing strategy squared away in just a fortnight. Given that this content is based upon peer based research, DiscoverOrg has seen a 36% improvement in prospect engagement vs traditional content.

* * *

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