Helping DiscoverOrg Customers Turn Data Into Pipeline

Use Campaign Stars to produce and manage a non-stop stream of audience-tested content for your campaigns

Full support for your marketing and sales Technology Stack, including Marketing Automation and CRM.

Campaigns and programs to maintain an ongoing dialogue with your buyer.


Most accurate and up to date contact repository.

Messaging and persona development to target key verticals and accounts.

How data turned into pipeline:

For Marketing
  • The Big Story

    HGS needed to develop a robust campaign structure and the content to fuel it to stay top-of-mind with its buyers through an extremely long sales cycle.

  • Benefits

    • Delivered 85+ ideal client MQLs
    • Boosted SQL qualification rate to 60%
    • Created >$2.25 million in pipeline
    • Developed high-quality content for long sales cycles
    • Established a robust and repeatable campaign structure
    • Dramatically improved offshore sales performance
For Sales
  • The Big Story

    Starting down the ABM path, MindTickle used DiscoverOrg data to identify lucrative enterprise-level accounts. Then they needed high-octane content and a more comprehensive engagement to break into these accounts.

  • Benefits

    • Delivered 70+ ideal client MQLs
    • Boosted SQL qualification rate to > 10%
    • Created >$1 million in pipeline

Turn your DiscoverOrg data into pipeline!