Ready to challenge the status quo?

Campaign Stars is here to change how content marketing is done. We disrupt traditional marketing with Campaign Optimization, our data-backed testing model. We ensure that our creatives enjoy the recognition—and compensation—they deserve. The content you create gives our customers a fresh approach to content creation, unexpected customer insights, and results like never before. Our different approach lets you see the fruits of your work – while adding success stories to your portfolio.

You’ve completed a project, submitted your creative and, well...that’s kind of it. No feedback loop to see the results of your effort. No data-based metrics to help you grow your skills. No success stories you can use to build your portfolio.We think you deserve more. Here’s how:

  • Build Your Profile
  • Showcase your expertise to our clients
  • Establish Your Campaign Stars Brand
  • Learn & Grow
  • Enjoy Data-Based Results On All Your Work
  • See the results of your work. No more guessing, no more stagnating
  • Respect and Professionalism
  • Be Compensated As a Professional
  • This is one of our four corporate values

Your Career - Data Backed

So who are we?

We’re writers, editors, designers. We’re marketing executives and data scientists. We’re entrepreneurs. We know the challenges of marketing because it’s the world we came from—the budget pressures, the roadblocks to creating high quality content, the challenge of really knowing your customers, and having it all done yesterday.

We come from startups, enterprises, agencies and independent freelance businesses. We know how to do business the fast and flexible way, killing conversion rates, dominating the Magic Quadrant, and influencing the influencers.

We’re not afraid to do things differently because we have creativity, fearlessness and data on our side. We trust in the power of the frank honesty of the customer—they’ll always tell us what they want, one way or another. We’re here to show our customers how to see that, while achieving results from their campaigns like they’ve never seen before.